Not getting answers to your questions? Try this.

Hammad Nasir
2 min readJan 12, 2021


Got some unanswered questions? You can get those answers here.

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I’m gonna talk about the book of God here but without the blind faith. So people who don’t believe in his existence can also read further & give this a try.

Qur’an is known as the final revelation of the God. It is considered to contain each & everything required by us as humans. Which means it must be having answers to all our unanswered questions, right? Well, why not give it a try? We seek to find the answers from various places, why not try this book once? We can surely give it a try, can’t we?

There are a few things to keep in mind before starting to find our answers in the Qur’an. Those few things are:
1. Firm belief that the Qur’an can converse with us: Why this belief is necessary? Well, the Qur’an is considered to be a book with life. Which means it doesn’t gets old or that it’s verses doesn’t gets outdated. It remains valid & updated no matter how much time has past since its revelation. So if it is such a book it can surely converse with us. We can ask questions & get answers. Not directly of course but by implementing few other steps.
2. Search for your answers like it is a want not merely a need: There is a big difference between a want & a need. Like a student wants to top his class but he needs only 33% marks to pass it. So he put all his efforts in to get what he wants while he could have easily got promoted to the next class with the marks needed.
3. Use of brains & intellect: Qur’an is the only book of this world in which the use of intellect has been emphasized for as much as 114 times directly & almost 114 times indirectly. Why would it emphasize on it so much? Religion is a matter of faith, right? Why would Qur’an emphasize on using the intellect in it & that too this much times? Because it is necessary to get the answers.
4. Know the ‘Lisaan’ of the Qur’an: Lisaan can be described as language but it is not the only meaning of this word. There are a lot more things which comes under its meaning like the culture, the usage, the idioms etc.

I hope you’d find this article helpful & would be able to get the answers to your unanswered questions soon enough. This article is inspired by lectures of the famous philosopher Allama Syed Abdullah Tariq.