Here’s what I’ve thought regarding the future of 🗯

Hammad Nasir
2 min readFeb 16, 2022

As I mentioned in this post, I’ll be building into a fully-functional marketplace. I’ve done some brainstorming on how I’ll be doing it. Let’s discuss!

It all starts with domain-name owners listing their unused domain-names on the platform. Let’s discuss the fields on the listing page:-

  1. domain-name
  2. domain owner’s name
  3. domain owner’s email
  4. domain owner’s social-media
  5. rent/month on 3, 6 & 12 months basis
  6. selling price (in-case the renter decides to buy) — (suggested by Cameron Napoli)

For domain owner’s ease, I’m planning to build a feature which would checkout the current price of the domain-name as soon as it is typed-in & would calculate the rents automatically on the basis of the current price (the domain owner would be able to edit them though).

Now, when the renter (founder) decides to rent a domain-name, he’d have 3 tiers to choose from. He can chose any of them & pay the rent upfront which will be stored in escrow & would be paid-off to the domain owner on a monthly basis. Similarly, the domain owner transfers the domain-name (to the platform) for the time period it has been taken on rent. This way we can ensure a seamless experience to both the domain owner & the renter. (suggested by Rajat)

I’d like to invite you to build this along with me. Let’s build together 💪