Hammad Nasir
1 min readFeb 13, 2022


Earn a side-income renting out your unused domain-names.

Introducing rentyourdomain.net 🎉

Hi 👋,

It all started when I came up with the idea of “domain-name round funding” on 16.12.2021 & launched buymeadomain.com. I launched it right away & gained a lot of feedback from various early-adopters. All that feedback led me to iterate on the idea & launch rentyourdomain.net.

A lot of people out there have unused domain-names lying around in their account. The idea is to list those unused domain-names on rent on 3, 6 & 12 months basis. Domainers can list their domain-names & founders looking for those domain-names can reach out to the domainer in order to rent them out.

Hope you’d like the concept & would list your unused domain-names as well or would rent out a domain-name as a founder in order to try it out for your MVP & finally buying it once you are ready.