Align yourself with the nature

Hammad Nasir
2 min readNov 26, 2020


I went to the doctor today & got some really wise advices from him. His basic idea was to get ourselves aligned with the nature. He said that we are a part of the nature & our body acts accordingly. We should not go against the set rules of the nature. Doing so can cause us problems both physically & mentally. According to him, our body knows all the healings & we just need to equip it with proper resources (raw material).

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

He further advised five things. The first is doing any aerobic exercise for at least 30 mins daily. The second is doing Yoga positions or offering Salah. The third is the proper diet which includes high fiber & protein, moderate carbs & low fat distributed in 3 meals a day. The fourth & final one is the sleep cycle in which he advised to wake up anytime between 5:30 AM — 6:30 AM daily may it be a working day or a holiday. He then gave example of birds waking up daily early in the morning & flying around in search of food without caring about the weather or the day. Another example he gave was of the Sun which rise & set on its time without any delay. Then he further added that as we are part of the nature, we should also wake up early & start our day. The fifth is socializing & interacting with others which help us gain experience & broadens our mindset.

Doing above given four things would result in a better, healthy & happy life as this all aligns with the rules of nature set by our creator.